> Quality Policy
  High quality is the driving force behind the development of the company, only the pursuit of excellent quality to reassure customers, Oude Company became the representative of the quality.
  Improve production efficiency through employee training, and awareness of customer needs, the quality difference. Full quality control, once OK.
  Order Metal Co., Ltd. Never a professional, enthusiastic attitude, the customer needs to provide a reasonable service, disposal.
  『Security』The elements of business, only strengthen staff training and safety awareness, and the implementation of the facilities on a regular basis point inspection and maintenance, in order to ensure business continuity.
  Committed to the establishment, implementation and maintenance of quality policies to meet the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  With high-precision measurement instrument, in order to better detect, the implementation of quality control function.
For the good of Total Quality Management, the company established system and the main detector with.